Basic Course On Finite Element Analysis

The Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is widely implemented by all industry verticals and is used by design engineers as a tool during the product development process. Design can be analysed while they are still in the form of easily modifiable CAD models to allow for quick turnaround times and to ensure prompt implementation of analysis results in the design process. While FEA software is readily available, successful use of FEA as a design tool still requires an understanding of FEA basics, familiarity with FEA process and commonly used modeling techniques, as well as an appreciation of inherent errors and their effect on the quality of results. When used properly, the FEA becomes a tremendous productivity tool, helping design engineers reduce product development time and cost. Misapplication of FEA however, may lead to erroneous design decisions, which are very expensive to correct later in the design process.

Key Features

  • Experienced Faculty from Industry
  • Advanced courses for students, professionals & research scholars
  • Internship Opportunities post training for exceptional candidates
  • Domain specific Case studies (Aero, Auto, HVAC, Electronics Etc.)
  • Detailed Course Material
  • Weekdays & Weekend Batches
  • Offline & Online Courses
  • Project Based course work

Basic Course on FEA

The Basic course on FEA will give you a detailed overview of basic structural analysis with a main focus on creating accurate structural simulations and interpreting the results. After the professional training, you will be able to use FEA as a tool in your daily design and engineering work.

Course outline

  • Basics Of Strength Of Materials & FEA
  • Introduction to FEA software
  • 1-D, 2-D And 3-D Meshing Techniques
  • Structural Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Modal Analysis


Upon the completion of the course, the candidate will be able to simulate and analyse basic structural and thermal engineering problems in varied domains using FEA methods.

Target Industry

Automotive, Aerospace, HVAC, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Heavy industry & Defence Etc.

Course Contents

  • Basic Strength of Materials
  • Introduction to the concepts of FEA
  • Stages of finite Element Analysis
  • Overview of Element Types
  • Mesh Connections
  • Element Quality And Checks
  • Stress concentrations and stress singularities
  • Introduction to Pre-processing, solving and Post processing
  • Introduction to simulation software, GUI
  • 2D sketching and 3D modeling
  • Geometry - import/export, creation, simplification, cleaning & mid surface creation
  • Basic of meshing, mesh types and mesh quality
  • Advanced meshing, advanced size function, global and local size controls
  • Introduction to boundary conditions and Loads
  • Solver settings
  • Post processing techniques, results extraction and report preparation

Case Studies:

Static Structural Analysis, Modal Analysis, Transient Structural Analysis, Static Thermal Analysis, Transient Thermal Analysis


After course work, student will be assigned an industry oriented project. Upon successful completion and report submission of project, certificate will be issued.


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